Just think about climate change and pollution of our beloved planet Earth, what comes to your mind, is it the aviation industry which is emitting tons of carbon into our environment, or the oil industry which produces lots of smog that affects all human beings and pollutes the environment to the extent that people have to wear masks?

The answer and the bitter reality is that our favorite industry which is the fashion industry plays a huge role in polluting our environment with all the chemicals and hazardous materials which is why, clothing brands are now making very mindful decisions to have a positive impact on the environment.

The manufacturing of clothes is destroying our environment and disposing of improper waste material is also causing serious harm to the planet. Here, we are going to find out the importance of companies that follow sustainable plans and how they work.

So, let’s check 22ahead.com; a gym-wear clothing brand that works hard to produce eco-friendly clothes and adopt eco-friendly practices. 

What is a sustainable brand?

A sustainable clothing brand is a clothing company that plants trees. It includes efficient and effective ways of producing clothes as well as recycling natural resources. It also includes methodologies that will result in producing cotton free of pesticides. The production methods used in these companies are also eco-friendly. Here, we are going to explore the techniques of one amazing clothing firm that is 22ahead.com and its contribution to making our planet a safe place to live in. This clothing brand is trying its best to help the planet Earth. They do so by focusing on reforestation and revitalizing the homes we all live in. These manufacturing practices will improve the supply of oxygen in the area and ultimately we will be able to make earth a safe place for everyone. 

22ahead.com is a clothing company that provides gym clothes including shorts, tank tops, and shirts for both men and women. They are progressively improving the environment by making eco-conscious decisions.

One of the best decisions made by these companies is that they have made amazing partnerships with non-profit organizations in the entire world so that they can get updates about the whole globe about where their assistance is required to make things right.

They are playing their role globally by benefitting the countries with the plantation of trees. Every brand that has sustainable plans sets its yearly or 5-year target to achieve and design its strategic plans according to these plans.

This is because of the reason that they believe the concept behind having fashionable clothes is to look good so the industry should not play its role in making the planet look bad. Therefore, they are adopting sustainable practices and that happens when you purchase something from 22ahead.com. 

How do they do it?

22ahead.com is a clothing company that plant trees for the betterment of our planet and environment. We are going to shed some light on how they do it.

First of all, we need to understand that when we talk about living with more sustainability we mean that we are going to reduce our consumption of natural resources. But we have to understand that we cannot make our consumption entirely zero. So, we have to do other things mindfully.

Every clothing company that plant trees uses fabrics that are eco-friendly just as organic cotton, recycled polyester, linen, and others. An amazing thing that you will observe is the use of coconut shells as buttons on your clothes.

Therefore, the decision is in your hands about using your money in the right way. All you need to do is to look for a company like 22ahead.com and learn about its ethics.

If their ethics and moral values match with yours, then you can easily buy from them. Another thing shoppers can do is to be aware of how much they shop and how often they do it.

If you are purchasing from a sustainable brand like 22ahead.com then you can do it more often because the more you do, the more you are going to make your planet full of life. 

How do you start your journey with sustainable practices?

If you have never heard about the sustainability or green practices of a company that plant trees. Then you must keep reading this out. This is because we are going to share our key with you.

There are lots of threats to our environment and the first thing we need to do is ask our government and hold them accountable if they are not doing anything to make things right.

So, first, you have to educate yourself about the concept and common practices of sustainability. Then, you must join those brands and teams that are already doing their job in the field just like 22ahead.com. This is because if you are sustainable that means you are transparent.

The clothing industry has a bad reputation in making trash which is approximately more than 10.4 million tonnes of it. So, the core agenda of a company that plant trees is to prove to the world that sustainability is as easy as it is for you to change your clothes every day or the way you buy clothes for yourself without thinking about it. 

How to choose the right brand for gym clothes?

Professional workout lovers know the importance of comfortable and durable gym attire to have a good exercise session. But, more and more people are getting this concept: if you want to have a good routine and you want to become regular, you must get your wardrobe done first.

Your wardrobe for the gym must contain shorts, tank tops, and t-shirts from a brand like 22ahead.com which is also known as a company that plant trees. So, you can relate to every decision you make, and that too mindfully.

This is important because a good fabric used in the manufacturing of these clothes will provide comfort and ventilation to the consumer while an uncomfortable and thick cloth will keep you irritated throughout your exercise and you will not give your best performance. 

Recycling and other initiatives by 22ahead.com:

At 22ahead.com, the team is committed beyond just manufacturing new clothes for gym lovers. This is a company that plant trees and they recognize the pollution caused by textile industry and its ultimate results on our planet which is why, the brand has made sustainability a vital part of their business model.

They have started a new practice which involves the brand encouraging the customers to return their used and old clothes to the brand. So, rather than de-cluttering your wardrobe, you will return the articles to the brand and they will think about its disposal and recycling.

They assess the condition of the fabric and decides what to do with the product. They also engage in up-cycling of products in which they transform the old products into newer ones. In this way, they give a new life to the old clothes and also reducing the demand of raw material from Mother Nature. They keep a good track of resource economy and make sure that recycling is done in the most efficient manner.


In conclusion, we would like to add that 22ahead.com is a company that plant trees and understands that it must make our planet a safe and healthier place for us. The products produced by the brand are ecologically more sustainable.

In addition to that, these clothes are also less expensive than most of the so-called popular brands in the market which are doing nothing for the betterment of our planet. 22ahead.com is also using plant-based dyes and controlling water wastage by recycling water from several manufacturing processes to make right decisions. 

Furthermore, the brand is actively participating in community initiatives that are designed to create awareness and become an advocate of sustainable practices that go beyond their category of business.

The brand is also considered a pioneer in making people a conscious consumer and inspiring others to give importance to the health of our planet at first. The brand has amazing strategies when it comes to recycling and transforming old products into newer ones.

They work on new ideas to make sure that all possible decisions are made and totally aligned with their business model which includes sustainability as an integral part.

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