About Us

Social Values

Born in the heart of Dubai, extending its influence to the vast stretches of Saudi Arabia, 22AHEAD stands as a testament to the reality of the human story where every day we strive to be better, be ahead, and Just as the number 22 signifies balance, our brand encapsulates the essence of equilibrium in life. 22AHEAD is about the journey of life, the dreams we chase, and the memories we create. Every thread we weave, every yarn we knit, and every design we envision, speaks of a narrative deeply rooted in emotional well-being and the spirit of interconnected living.

Positive Impact

Just like the city we love, the foundation of 22AHEAD lies in the principle that everyone deserves better, I deserve better. Merging blended realities, our designs reflect genuine depth and tradition. Beyond being just a brand, 22AHEAD offers a catalyst for change, offering Emirati youth creative employment opportunities and carving paths for our future leaders. Using identity branding we have deeply rooted values that deliver a positive impact embedding our social values.

Brand DNA

Progression: Creating pathways for personal and collective advancement.
Genuine Reflection: Upholding the richness of our diverse cultural tapestry.
Dedication to Impact: Prioritizing and addressing the challenges of youth unemployment.
Unique Legacy: Embracing the individual stories and backgrounds that define us.
Relentless Pursuit: Striving always to set and achieve the highest standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a confirmation email once your order is placed. In case, you do not receive the confirmation email, contact our customer service at customercare@22ahead.com

Yes, you can always track your order in real-time. Just click on the “Order Status” in your account.

We offer the following payment methods:

• Cash on delivery

• Visa / Mastercard / Apple Pay / American Express / Tabby

You can check the delivery charges at the Checkout page.

When you create an account at www.22ahead.com you can access and manage your account information easily including order status or checking your complete order history.

A product that runs out is marked as “out of stock” on the website. You can only order a product if is available on the website.

We are shipping the orders to the areas within the UAE, Gulf countries, and the Rest of the world.

We are giving same-day delivery in Dubai. For all UAE orders, we are giving Express delivery. For GCC, the order will be delivered in 2-3 days. For the rest of the world, the order will be in 3-5 working days. If you do not receive your order within the given time, you can contact us at customercare@22ahead.com.

In some countries, customers may be responsible for paying any customs duties or taxes associated with their orders, depending on the local laws and regulations. It's important to note that in the event of a return, the taxes are non-refundable.

Recycling and Upcycling Initiatives:

We go beyond the production of new clothing items. We actively promote recycling and upcycling initiatives. We encourage our customers to return their old products, which we transform into new products or recycle responsibly. Through these initiatives, we aim to close the loop, reducing textile waste and minimizing our environmental impact.

The customer needs to first inform us by email and then arrange the return for the product to be shipped back and email us at customercare@22ahead.com with airways bill details of return and mention on parcel return shipment and provide us with details of the product to be returned along with the item name, size, and color and the reason for the return. You will have to provide us with original proof of purchase.